Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Paint is fun

Because my dad is a Romanian Baptist Minister, we often visit and have visitors. Anyway, lots of info skipped, on Monday evening we had some Romania friends over and a nice lady named Cristina (about 3 years older than me, blond, spoiled silly, very cute and childlike, cheats at games and sulks when looses, but all in all, a good person, is very amusing, and worth having as a friend) looked up the stairs at me as I descended and giggling, told me she had a job for me. "Does it pay well," I asked. Ignoring that comment she plunged headlong into the oh so exciting adventure of her finding a set of blank canvases in Lidl, and after being told to bye them if she has the talent to paint them, did so and brought them to me. Expecting my "artistic talents" and inspiration to persuade me and pointing out the simplistic yet charming designs on the cover, she left me to my own devices. And what do I do? I make myself a nice heart-compass pendant, and here it is shown so very dashingly worm by my one of my three white teddy-bears. (The compass works, by the way. Got if from an ugly keyring that came with my new shoes) Anyway, me, so proudly later that day, stalk downstairs and show Cristina and others my beautiful new creation only to be rebuked for producing no paintings. I scurry back to my room, a little embarrassed and bemused but still with glee oven my brand new pendant. (At this point Cristina leaves painting-less, impatient and irritated, but not too much, I hope you don't mind a little exaggeration) I take out my gear and I toil and I strive and by the end of the night, what I have accomplished is nothing more than a visual disaster, plain ugly, if you believe. "Not your best work," my elder brother declares cautiously after some prodding and persuasion. "Whatever happens, happens," I tell myself, "and if it doesn't work out, I'll paint over it and start again." In the morning, without breakfast or bathroom first, I scrape off as much paint as I can and liking the produced affect, use that as a base and some cutout flowers for my final effort. Here is the outcome:

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