Sunday, 31 July 2011


I think I will paint it with watercolours, I've been meaning to do more of that anyway. Colouring on photoshop failed, it just looks so forced. So back to basics.

Alphabet Soup Again

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sketches from a Sunday evening and one from the beach

short story thing

Images for Short stories, just roughs. Will be going ahead with the old men which is for a story called Alphabet Soup by Mark Budman. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011


I made a pattern from some quick watercolour sketches of plankton. Here is the final outcome. :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Making a dress 2

I've been working on my dress today. It needed buttons at the back, and yes, i have sewed buttons on things before but I don't think I have ever made buttonholes or anything quite as complex as this. In this picture below, I cut the back open which makes it much, much easier to put on. I didn't think from the start to leave extra fabric for the buttons so I had to improvise, though I think it turned out better this way anyway. 

Here is a long piece of fabrc I ironed a few minutes earlier which helped a lot. I have attached it so that they overlap, creating a perfect home for the buttons.
I am so proud of myself for being able to do this. I've never attempted it before. Also, these are the buttons for the dres.
I decided to also decorate the front with buttons. here I have also pinned in place a long tape of fabric which I cut and ironed for the neck line.the frayed edge is protected and out of sight indide it.
I remembered that my sewing machine can make button holes. I never tried them before so I did a couple of trial ones on some left over fabric. They are not perfect but it will do. And i found it better to only have three buttons in the back instead of four.
For the arm holes, I folded the fabric inwards and then again so that the frayed edge would be covered and protected. Because of the curves, I had to cut at the inner folded fabric in places for it to lay flat. 
And here it is finished, well, almost. I still need to clean it up on the inside but the rest is all done.

And me

Making a dress 1

 I have always wanted to try my hand at making clothes. I have had a few attempts at modifying but I never had the courage to make something myself. By a turn of luck, I have recently come to own a lovely amount of fabric (unwanted curtains and sheets) and have resolved to make something this summer. I found a few books in the library on historic clothing but that one I am currently finding most useful is The Costumer's Handbook from which I am learning how to make patterns and clothes that fit. I haven't finished reading it but I will do soon.
Yesterday, mother and I were doing some sewing, modifying a pair of huge curtains and making two pairs out of them so that they could fit our windows and trimming the bottom so that now it touches the floor instead of gathering in a huge heap. Anyway, I had my sewing machine out and I found it a lot of fun. I had forgotten how satisfying it is. At some point, mum found a brown sheet she wanted to use to make a carpet thing out of (don't ask me what cos I just don't know) and as I saw it, I also saw a dress in it, so I stole it, with her permission, and rushed into trying to make my very first dress.
These are my sketches with the relevant measurements and everything. I also used one of my nice dresses as a guide which helped at the top, and more specifically, at the arm holes. because the fabric had been a sheet, it didn't need pre-washing, which is what I did to the rest of my fabric. We don't want it to shrink or go funny in the wash now.
 I didn't really sit and think much, I just cut it out. I had enough fabric that if I made/make a mistake, I can go back and get some more. I allowed for 2cm seam allowance and sewed loosely what it would be like. I found that it fit over my head a little difficult but enough for me to make any modifications at this stage. I had left a little more fabric in the front so that I could gather it, which turned out to be a little problematic because it moved the straps further out and they were slipping off my shoulders. They were fine before I did the gathering.
Below you can see that I managed to gather the top and the skirt and sewed them together. The white thread that you see is what I used to create the gathers on top of which I sewed the seam into place. I also lowered the neckline and readjusted the straps, which took several attempts and a lot of trying on the garment, making adjustments, then trying it on again and so on.  I also used a dress for getting the right curve in the arm holes. After that, I went over my loose seams and did them properly, adjusting them slightly and trying even more to get them straight.
I was originally going to place a matching belt around the dress but then remembered this little one for which I hadn't yet found a purpose. I quite like it on the dress.
This is a far as I got, I will try to do more today, I sewed the belt on but it went a little funny at where the fabric is gathered, most prominently at the top on the front where the gathering is a little lopsided. Later today, I need to finish the straps and the neck line. Because I rushed into the making of the dress, I didn't think in advance about a zip or buttons, the first of which I don't even have. I did find some buttons that seem to go well with the dress that I bought at the car boot sale when I was last there.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Beauty and the Beast 3

Beauty and the Beast 2

Thought I'd share what I have been doing lately. These are my sketches from Beauty and the Beast, the ones I liked anyway. :)

 The lovely couple together in their Sunday best.
 The father in his glory.
 This is the scene I chose to Illustrate for the Waterstones competition.
 Yay, masking fluid. So much smelly fun.
 Started the background, tough the paper is wet and looks all blotchy. I do strangely like it though but when it will dry, they will be gone. This is why I am posting now, must wait for it to dry dry dry.
 Yay for colour. Hairy legs.
I really like these ones. They are loose and were fun.