Saturday, 9 July 2011

Making a dress 2

I've been working on my dress today. It needed buttons at the back, and yes, i have sewed buttons on things before but I don't think I have ever made buttonholes or anything quite as complex as this. In this picture below, I cut the back open which makes it much, much easier to put on. I didn't think from the start to leave extra fabric for the buttons so I had to improvise, though I think it turned out better this way anyway. 

Here is a long piece of fabrc I ironed a few minutes earlier which helped a lot. I have attached it so that they overlap, creating a perfect home for the buttons.
I am so proud of myself for being able to do this. I've never attempted it before. Also, these are the buttons for the dres.
I decided to also decorate the front with buttons. here I have also pinned in place a long tape of fabric which I cut and ironed for the neck line.the frayed edge is protected and out of sight indide it.
I remembered that my sewing machine can make button holes. I never tried them before so I did a couple of trial ones on some left over fabric. They are not perfect but it will do. And i found it better to only have three buttons in the back instead of four.
For the arm holes, I folded the fabric inwards and then again so that the frayed edge would be covered and protected. Because of the curves, I had to cut at the inner folded fabric in places for it to lay flat. 
And here it is finished, well, almost. I still need to clean it up on the inside but the rest is all done.

And me