Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Morning story

Anyway, seeing that I haven't posted anything in ages, I might as well share the little story I came up with this morning. It's not perfect but I think it is cute soI hope you enjoy.

Lizzy, the tooth fairy, quit her job. She didn't like to be told what to do. She stayed at home and watched TV. She didn't pay her rent so soon she got kicked out. Lizzy didn't like living there anyway, the neighbours were rude. She packed her things and set out for a new home but none of them were right. All the houses on sale were way too big and much to expensive. Finally, out of the way near a bit of wilderness, inside a shed, Lizzy found a broken down little house that was just her size. Lizzy cleaned it up and decorated it. She fixed some furniture and even made some of her own. One day while she was out looking for a nice set of bowls, a little girl spotted her and wouldn't stop chasing her. Lizzy flew all the way back home but the little girl found out where she lived.
"Hello, my name is Maggie, what is yours?" Maggie explained that the little house was inside the shed at the bottom of the garden outside her house. She lived with her mother and father and their two cats, Jack and Tilly. (Lizzy knew the cats because they chased her sometimes.) Maggie and Lizzy were neighbours. Maggie helped Lizzy with her small house, she lifted and moved all the things that Lizzy could not. Maggie helped find pieces of wood and leaves for Lizzy to make things out of.
Maggie told her dad about Lizzy and her little home inside the shed. Maggie's dad liked to make things too.
In the morning, Lizzy went out to find some food but when she came back, her little house was gone. Lizzy searched and searched for her home and finally found it inside the big house. Lizzy tried to carry it away but it was much too heavy.
"There you are, I've been looking for you all day," said Maggie. Her dad had taken the house and repaired it. The roof was back in place and a broken window was replaced. The house had been moved into Maggies bedroom. Maggie gave Lizzy the grand tour. Lizzy thought this was great. It was warm inside and there was a lot of food in the kitchen. Lizzy took lots of food to her house but Maggie's parents didn't like all the food in the bedroom so Lizzy was only aloud to take a little tiny bit at a time.
Maggie helped Lizzy finish with the house, finding a soft blanket and making a broom and all the things houses need. Maggie's dad even brought some dolls but Lizzy didn't like them. She said they were rude to stare like that.
Once the house was finished, Lizzy though it was time to start working again but she didn't want her old tooth fairy job. Lizzy became self-employed, which meant she worked for herself. Lizzy went out each night and collected teeth. She stored them under her bed but soon there were too many to fit there so she hid them under Maggie's bed. Lizzy collected so many teeth that they didn't fit under the bed any more and Lizzy put them all over the room. Maggie's parents didn't like the mess so Lizzy had to clean it up. She hid them under Maggie's carpet but they didn't all fit there, so she stored them under the big house.
Lizzy liked to making things, especially using teeth to make them. Where did you think bone china came from? The teeth would be crushed to dust and then made into clay. Lizzy made decorations and candle holders, hair clips and vases. She even made a water fountain.
After some time, Lizzy ran out of money to pay the children for their teeth. "Why don't you sell the things you make," said Maggie. "You could make a website." Lizzy built a really cool website but nothing sold. "Why don't you put the website on a computer for everyone to see it?" Lizzy put her website on a computer but when Maggie's mum cleaned the house, she also cleaned up Lizzy website.
Lizzy also made small jewellery for herself. "Why don't you sell them to dolls," asked Maggie. Lizzy didn't like the dolls so she called a doll house store instead. The owner asked for samples which Maggie and Lizzy sent through the post. The jewellery sold quickly at the store and the owner asked for many more. Other doll house shops heard of what Lizzy could make and they wanted some too. Lizzy made jewellery and tiny china plates and tiny vases and all the things doll houses need. She used up all the teeth from under her bed and all the teeth from under Maggie's bed and all the teeth from under the carpet and finally all the teeth from under the house. Maggie's parents were pleased the house wasn't sloping any more. All the things sold and the doll house shop owners sent Lizzy lots of money. Lizzy was out of teeth but now she had money to leave under children's pillows. She went to bed really really early, even before Maggie's bed time, and woke up really, realy early, while it was still dark, and collected teeth. Then during the day, Lizzy made doll house things. Maggie helped her when she could. She even helped fill out Lizzy's tax forms.
The doll house shops wanted more than Lizzy and Maggie could make. Lizzy needed more help so she hired fairies from all over. They collected teeth with her and made things. Maggie's room became a very busy and noisy workshop. Maggie couldn't sleep there any more and her parents complained. Lizzy had to move her business into the shed but she still lived in her small house in Maggie's room. The fairies also collected sticks and things to make doll house furniture out of. Maggie's dad liked to help sometimes.
Children throughout the world got their teeth back as doll house things and if a fairy ever needed a place to stay, they knew doll houses made perfect homes.

The End