Friday, 23 November 2012

Who says Church isn't fun?!

I'm having trouble starting this post because I've been avoiding my blog/deviantart/tumbler/facebook for so long. How do you keep a brave face when you can't bring yourself to draw anything for a month... or two? Well, I started by looking at what everyone else has been doing and seeing so much beautiful artwork has been really encouraging. Now I can finally say that yesterday I drew something I feel content with, and shall I even say... proud of? But that's not what I'm going to share with you now as I don't yet have the scan.

This is a little something that has been sitting around since October. Harold Rogers visits us at Ford Baptist Church once a month to teach us old songs, give lectures on song writers, and to sometimes hold a quiz. He likes to make fun of me due to this one time many months ago that I innocently and cutely drew a tiny little elephant on a sheet he gave out... honestly, it wasn't my fault. Other drawing fanatics should understand, you have a piece of paper, you have to draw on it. He even once gave me a pack of twixes (which I greedily didn't want to share) to make up for always picking on me. Personally, I like those kind of bribes. Anyway, a while ago he gave me a quiz which required animal drawings to replace words in a little story thing. Here it is:

John and I were getting ready for a party. "Have ... (ewe)
got your coat," he said, "it looks like it's going to
... ."

When we got there we went though the back way through the garden, where we met a vicar in a
... collar, who was admiring the 
 ...kins and the 
However, no sooner had we joined the other guests in the house when a man with a
... moustache invited us to join him for a glass of wine. He wasn't the type to
... you or to
... his opinions down your throat, but he was an
... all the same.
There was a delicious buffet, but Gary, the black
... of the family, made rather a
... of himself and was looking a bit sick.
Afterwards we played games, including one where we had to
... our tummies, but we all agreed that we had a really good time.

I really hope you all enjoyed that, I know that I did. It was so much fun to draw so many different animals (some of which I had never drawn before as far as I remember). I used photo references for all of them as I realised I didn't know what many of them actually looked like (found on google so I am sure you'll come accross them if you tried).

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cinderella up a tree

This is an image I did a few months ago for the Grimm's version of Cinderella in which the ball lasts 3 nights and Cinderella receives a more beautiful dress each night (hear the dress is based on a 1920's gown). It also added the problem of her escaping the prince each night in various ways and on the second, she climbs a pear tree. The prince orders the tree to be cut down in order to reach his princess but she had escaped by climbing down the other side while they weren't looking. (Also this version features the ugly step sisters cutting off their toes and ankles in order to fit the shoe but are found out due to the visible blood)

Monday, 1 October 2012

The trials of drawing

In my own space today, a drawing of my desk. I really like the outcome of this image. Normally I tend to draw really fast so as to capture it with better proportions but I have been slowly pushing myself to draw more detailed things and taking the time to get as much in as possible. Somehow the proportions didn't go out of control... 

I'm sorry this image came out so muddy, I neglected to listen to that little voice in my head that told me this paper was not at all suited to watercolours nor did I listen to it when it suggested I scan the image before applying the colour. Evidently, I struggled with it. It also seems that I do indeed need to draw feet more as these were quite bothersome.
Autumn is definitely here but I still hope for a few more warm days despite the odds... and I wouldn't mind to have that dress... though less muddy please.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


A couple of drawings done in church today while waiting for it to start... there were two more but they are not worth showing ;). We also had a harvest lunch which was lovely, mmm... potatoes...

Saturday, 29 September 2012


From my sketchbook, a drawing of a very round Jack and some of the stuff from my desk... I love my little LEGO Dalek...
Sometimes I forget how clean the lines with a fineliner are.

If anyone has been wondering why I have been drawing Jack much more than Tilly, it is because he has lovingly chosen to use my room for naps and so is irresistible to draw.

The Seven Ravens

I don't believe I have posted this image other than in my sketchbook right at the end so I imagine that there are friends outside of University who have not yet seen it. It is an illustration for The Seven Ravens from Grimm's Fairy Tales. For those who do not know the tale, it is of a girl who's seven brothers have been turned to ravens through a curse while she was a baby. When she is finally told about this many years later, she goes on an adventurous journey in search of them. She goes to the sun but it wants to burn her and she goes to the moon but it want to eat her and finally goes to the stars who help her and show her where her brothers are. They are reunited and the brothers are turned back into people. 
I loved the scene where she finds the stars and imagined her to be vulnerable and small. The use of bleach with Parker ink was invaluable in creating this glowing soft affect, so that was exciting. So, yes, tell me what you thing. :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

Kate Crackernuts

A little sketch in ball point pen and a touch of watercolours of a scene from Kate Craketnuts by the Brother's Grimm (while I am still on the fairy tales theme here) where the young prince goes at night to dance with the fairies. Too bad I didn't include Kate into the image as she is the main character, maybe next time. Please ignore the rather odd looking fairies in the background. :)

Strange how easy it is to tell that it was off the top of my head rather than having prepared for it as I normally do...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sketches in Charcoal

I've been enjoying using charcoal lately and my being home often has allowed me to see my two little kitties more. Here are two of my favourite sketches that I am slowly accumulating. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cats are amazing.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Grimm's Fairy Tales cover

I know there are some people who did not see this piece or who don't really know much about it as it was until recently merely hidden at the end of my sketchbook. For those who have seen it, I hope you don't mind my posting it again.
This years Puffin Children's Competition was to illustrate a cover for Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. The winner can be viewed on their website as well as a few other artist entries. Personally, it is lovely seeing what everyone else came up with for the same subject as I have been working on.
My version is created using Parker ink and bleach. This was the first illustration in which I had used bleach as until this image, I have resorted to using ink washes to create a similar affect. For those interested in using bleach with Parker Ink, I recommend buying separate pen nibs for this process as the bleach will make them rust and it would be very sad indeed if you destroyed all of your nibs.
I'm afraid that the design on the queens dress is a little difficult to make out but they are the 12 dancing princesses making their way to the dance through the golden forest. And yes, she is holding an apple so she is the queen from Snow White though the roses on the dress suggest she might have some connections to Brier Rose. My main focus for the cover was to try and create a magical and mystical illustration that would support the strange and enchanting fairy tales collected by the Brother's Grimm, something that wouldn't be fixed to any time or place yet be somewhat recognisable and familiar, just as the stories are. So I hope you enjoy it and if you find yourself with nothing to do one day, read some fairy tales.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Business Cards

I have business cards!
I used images I created for the cover of Love of Seven Dolls by Paul Gallico. The idea of the puppeteer being hidden behind the dolls is a scary one, from behind his many masks, he watched you.
I also found out that these business cards are great for towers.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Drawing out

I have finally managed to convince myself to go out drawing as I was in bad need for some practice and because I wanted to do some drawings of Plymouth. On the first occasion, I had a dip pen and ink and went all alone to the park that claims to be the highest point in Plymouth. It was a lovely day but drawing buildings, I found out, is rather boring, especially when it began to get a little more windy and I was feeling rather awkward on my own.
On the second day of drawing my mother accompanied me to the Hoe on a lovely sunny day and I took charcoal with me as I remembered how enjoyable and loose the medium can be. It was so much more pleasant having company, someone chatting next to me  and keeping my mind occupied while drawing. In the end, a fun day drawing, I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Mural for the Kids

 I never did share, but a group of us from Plymouth University were asked back in January 2012 to do a mural in the children's section of the Plympton library.

It was a very slow process but early this summer we finally were able to paint. Sadly, I don't have a finished photograph but I have no doubts of it looking amazing.
The Rapunzel book was done by me, the ship was designed and painted by David Hooper, the Mermaid is by Meggie Wood, the pirates are by Alex Hancock, The Wind in the Willows was designed by Rachel Rawlings, and Ben Singleton designed the one with the three goats. The scaffolding was so much fun, wish I could have taken it home.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

What a Show

To play catchup as I have't been on blogger for so long, a few months ago we had our Graduation Degree Show. It was lovely to see what everyone had been slaving over and to proudly present it to Plymouth and our families.

This was my space (second attempt as in the first attempt I had printed the final pieces the size they would be as book illustrations but they were getting lost and didn't grab attention)

We also partook in London D&AD this year which was lovely to showcase our work and to see what other University students have created.

 The space we had. 
Illustration at Plymouth University

Merle Hunt                                                    Me and My board
Dave Hooper                                                                   Hannah Grace

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

King Thrushbeard part 2

Finally finished the illustration for King Thrushbeard (or King Grisly-Beard) from Grimm's Fairy Tales.
For those who don't know it, it is about a stuck up princess who makes fun of all the suitors that her father presents to her. One king in particular she makes fun of for his beard and thus gets the name of King Thrushbeard. Her father gets angry with her and vows she will have the next beggar man as her husband. Three days later, a fiddles comes by, the king likes how he plays and marries his daughter to her. Anyway, to make this short, the beggar takes her to his home in King Thrushbeards land, puts her to various types of work and eventually ends up as a scullery maid in the palace. One day King Thrushbeard is having a big party to introduce his new bride and as he walks in, he is so happy that he grabs the prettiest girl in the room to dance with which is this very princess. She tries to run but he tells her that he is in fact the beggar, her husband. They live happily ever after.

Close up of the characters. I like the expressions and tension.

Done with parker ink, bleach, and watercolours.
The dress is based on an Edwardian dress, can't remember where I found it online.
Thanks to Dave Hooper, Merle Hunt, Benjamin Randell and myself for the tons of reference pictures taken for this one image.

Monday, 13 August 2012

King Thrushbeard part 1

Anyways, I've been visiting the old country, had a lovely time and pretended that I didn't still have a project to finish. Finally, here is the last illustration for the Grimm's project in it's inked stage, this one is for King Thrushbeard. Ignoring the mistakes, I quite like it so far. Hopefully I won't kill it while doing the ink wash. :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

24 Hour Comic, Scary Pack of Monkeys

This is my 24 hour comic. It is based on a recurring dream. I know it does not quite make sense in places and sometimes it is really hard to follow. Sorry that it does not have a front or back cover. I'd also like to mention that I have never before attempted to create a comic, so please forgive me for all the mistakes and so forth.
Basically, I drew a page an hour and the hands are all my hands drawn from life (in the case of my left hand) or from a photo. I did use some reference pictures fr the tall ship and the scary alien monkeys, but mostly it is all directly from my head. :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

24 Hour Comic

On Saturday, 3rd of March 2012, a group of us from Uni gathered in the Plymouth Uni Library at 10am in order to produce a 24 page comic each in 24 hours. This was an event outside of our course for which we willingly pushed and tortured ourselves to create more work than we thought possible in such a small amount of time. I wanted to share some of the captured moments from that day and night in the library and to remind myself of the lovely company and the hard work.  Please Click on the images if you wish to see them larger.

Dave                            Rae
Merle                            My Comic
                                             Rae again
 Putting our Comics out for all of us to see
           Dave's Comic                           They just love their art    
        My hand references