Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cards and Things

I wanted to share some of the later cards I have been making, there are only three of them along with some made by others on my course. 
Thanks to Merle for taking the photos.

For Meggie on her birthday, a freehand cut-out which was lots of fun. 
I couldn't let Merle and Benj have all the fun with cut-outs.

For Valentines, Rachel Rawlings (left), Merle Hunt (right), and me (centre) each made a card for Nicola Carter, our amazing friend. I think the cards look lovely together.

Our Valentine Cards.
The Truth of Jack & Tilly by David Hooper 
Simple heart design by Diana Mazuru

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  1. Yay I see my card there now I can look at it here too. Y ou have a few Valentine cards I am jealous