Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Grimm's Fairy Tales cover

I know there are some people who did not see this piece or who don't really know much about it as it was until recently merely hidden at the end of my sketchbook. For those who have seen it, I hope you don't mind my posting it again.
This years Puffin Children's Competition was to illustrate a cover for Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. The winner can be viewed on their website as well as a few other artist entries. Personally, it is lovely seeing what everyone else came up with for the same subject as I have been working on.
My version is created using Parker ink and bleach. This was the first illustration in which I had used bleach as until this image, I have resorted to using ink washes to create a similar affect. For those interested in using bleach with Parker Ink, I recommend buying separate pen nibs for this process as the bleach will make them rust and it would be very sad indeed if you destroyed all of your nibs.
I'm afraid that the design on the queens dress is a little difficult to make out but they are the 12 dancing princesses making their way to the dance through the golden forest. And yes, she is holding an apple so she is the queen from Snow White though the roses on the dress suggest she might have some connections to Brier Rose. My main focus for the cover was to try and create a magical and mystical illustration that would support the strange and enchanting fairy tales collected by the Brother's Grimm, something that wouldn't be fixed to any time or place yet be somewhat recognisable and familiar, just as the stories are. So I hope you enjoy it and if you find yourself with nothing to do one day, read some fairy tales.

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