Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Seven Ravens

I don't believe I have posted this image other than in my sketchbook right at the end so I imagine that there are friends outside of University who have not yet seen it. It is an illustration for The Seven Ravens from Grimm's Fairy Tales. For those who do not know the tale, it is of a girl who's seven brothers have been turned to ravens through a curse while she was a baby. When she is finally told about this many years later, she goes on an adventurous journey in search of them. She goes to the sun but it wants to burn her and she goes to the moon but it want to eat her and finally goes to the stars who help her and show her where her brothers are. They are reunited and the brothers are turned back into people. 
I loved the scene where she finds the stars and imagined her to be vulnerable and small. The use of bleach with Parker ink was invaluable in creating this glowing soft affect, so that was exciting. So, yes, tell me what you thing. :)

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