Friday, 23 November 2012

Who says Church isn't fun?!

I'm having trouble starting this post because I've been avoiding my blog/deviantart/tumbler/facebook for so long. How do you keep a brave face when you can't bring yourself to draw anything for a month... or two? Well, I started by looking at what everyone else has been doing and seeing so much beautiful artwork has been really encouraging. Now I can finally say that yesterday I drew something I feel content with, and shall I even say... proud of? But that's not what I'm going to share with you now as I don't yet have the scan.

This is a little something that has been sitting around since October. Harold Rogers visits us at Ford Baptist Church once a month to teach us old songs, give lectures on song writers, and to sometimes hold a quiz. He likes to make fun of me due to this one time many months ago that I innocently and cutely drew a tiny little elephant on a sheet he gave out... honestly, it wasn't my fault. Other drawing fanatics should understand, you have a piece of paper, you have to draw on it. He even once gave me a pack of twixes (which I greedily didn't want to share) to make up for always picking on me. Personally, I like those kind of bribes. Anyway, a while ago he gave me a quiz which required animal drawings to replace words in a little story thing. Here it is:

John and I were getting ready for a party. "Have ... (ewe)
got your coat," he said, "it looks like it's going to
... ."

When we got there we went though the back way through the garden, where we met a vicar in a
... collar, who was admiring the 
 ...kins and the 
However, no sooner had we joined the other guests in the house when a man with a
... moustache invited us to join him for a glass of wine. He wasn't the type to
... you or to
... his opinions down your throat, but he was an
... all the same.
There was a delicious buffet, but Gary, the black
... of the family, made rather a
... of himself and was looking a bit sick.
Afterwards we played games, including one where we had to
... our tummies, but we all agreed that we had a really good time.

I really hope you all enjoyed that, I know that I did. It was so much fun to draw so many different animals (some of which I had never drawn before as far as I remember). I used photo references for all of them as I realised I didn't know what many of them actually looked like (found on google so I am sure you'll come accross them if you tried).