Thursday, 10 January 2013

For the love of pen nibs

For my birthday, Merle and Abra gave me a bunch of unique and antique dip pens which are shown in the top drawing. The bottom two sketches are of pen nibs I squired from Jackson's Art with some gift vouchers. Each nib was drawn with itself so that the line quality can be noted. I have to say that the nibs from Merle and Abra are beautiful and work marvellously  but there are a few from Jackson's Art that disappointed me such as the fountain pen nibs which write beautifully but hold so little ink that I don't think I'll be able to use them, or a super thin one that I couldn't even get to work.

PS: The last drawing was done in my sketchbook which decided it did not like the ink I was using and went fuzzy. For the first two drawings I used trusty Parker Ink and Bristol Board. You can also tell that I got bored after drawing the nibs from the girls. :)

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