Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Waves

“Fell. Down, down, deeper then the darkest depths. She fell, forsaken through the glassy layers of ocean. Her heart snagged at the surface on a shattered fragment and she left it behind, feeling it leave her, feeling her breath leave her, feeling her thoughts and her will and her soul leave her.” From 'The Waves' by a friend, Abra Hunt.

This was the February challenge for our After the Fairytale Collective. Please follow the link if you wish to see the beautiful illustrations Merle Hunt and Rachel Rawlings came up with for the same challenge. 

Watrecolour and inks. I hadn't intended for it to turn out quite so dark, but hey, drawings often have a mind of their own. Let me know what you think, especially because I winged it as opposed to meticulously figuring it out with a myriad of thumnails and visuals. Well, there was one visual prior to drawing it in its final form. 

Reference for the girl can be found here: along with some stunning underwater footage and photography.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A poem of Summer

So I've been looking through some of my old stories, trying to gather them together and make some sense out of them. In the process, I found an e-mail I sent myself in 2006 with 4 poems. I clearly remember writing one of them for high school but the other three I'm not so sure about... so I'm assuming I wrote them too for the same high school project. If anyone finds it to be otherwise or that maybe we wrote them together in class or something, let me know.

Here is my favourite of them and which still brings to mind the patch of grass I was thinking of as I was writing:

I’m Dreaming of Summer

I’m thinking of summer,
Of the hot suns rays on my skin;
Burning, sizzling, sweat dispelling;
Its hot, bright light stinging my winter eyes,
My skin tight, tongue parched, dehydrated.

I’m dreaming of summer,
Of lying on the cold, moist grass,
Feeling its tenderness under me;
The soft earth forming to my body,
My nostrils filling with its sweet aroma.

I’m longing for summer,
For the bold, blue of the midday sky
Against the sweetness of the fluff clouds,
White puffs of pure cotton candy
Forming dreams and stories up above.

I’m living in summer,
Living among the buzz of the bees.
The flap, flap of the butterflies,
The chirp sing-along-songs of the birds.
I’m living in summer.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Drawing of Rachel

As promised, here is my version of Rachel Rawlings. Please go see our new collective blog for all the other drawings and lovely biographys.

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Drawing of Merle

Rachel Rawlings, Merle Hunt and I recently started up a collective and for our 'About' page, we drew each other. This is my version of Merle Hunt in Watercolours and fineliner. I will be posting Rachel tomorrow along with a link to the spanking new blog. :)