Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Waves

“Fell. Down, down, deeper then the darkest depths. She fell, forsaken through the glassy layers of ocean. Her heart snagged at the surface on a shattered fragment and she left it behind, feeling it leave her, feeling her breath leave her, feeling her thoughts and her will and her soul leave her.” From 'The Waves' by a friend, Abra Hunt.

This was the February challenge for our After the Fairytale Collective. Please follow the link if you wish to see the beautiful illustrations Merle Hunt and Rachel Rawlings came up with for the same challenge. 

Watrecolour and inks. I hadn't intended for it to turn out quite so dark, but hey, drawings often have a mind of their own. Let me know what you think, especially because I winged it as opposed to meticulously figuring it out with a myriad of thumnails and visuals. Well, there was one visual prior to drawing it in its final form. 

Reference for the girl can be found here: along with some stunning underwater footage and photography.

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