Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Princess in the Suit of Leather

"She put on the suit- what a strange spectacle that anyone looking at her would think he was seeing nothing but a pile of hides." 
"My name is Juleidah for my coat of skins,
My eyes are weak, my sight is dim,
My ears are deaf, I cannot hear.
I care for no one far or near."
- The Princess in the Suit of Leather, Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales.

This drawing was started purely out of the pleasure for Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales (a collection of fairy tales from around the world translated into English). This Egyptian tale is one of my favourites. It is of a princess who escapes from becoming her father's new wife by disguising herself in a suit of leather and travelling to another kingdom.
I didn't really think much while drawing it, hence the girl looking over her left shoulder with curtains as the background. ;)
Anyway, I quite enjoy my drawing at line state and often feel I need to document this level out of fear of my ruining it as it progresses.

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  1. Nice line drawing mate, would be cool to see it coloured :)