Tuesday, 2 April 2013

1st Digitlal Drawings

I wanted to show you all this because it is my first ever digital drawing (well, I did one once, maybe 6 years ago in pixels and with a mouse of a girl in a red dress). But, as my dad has an ipad thingimijig, I thought I'd mess around and see what I can do. I had done a couple of sketches on it before but none turned out very well so the Pepsi bottle was a major improvement. I love that it is touch screen and I can draw with my finger instead of using a mouse or pad thing whatever it is called (you can tell I am not very good at these things). Anyway, I wish it came with a little pen as I know some do and now I want a touch screen laptop with which I can draw like this, directly from life onto the screen.

This, my dear friends, is my second digital drawing and definitely a major step up from the first, again drawing directly from life (I was taking all day and the light kept changing over time). I learned to zoom in to draw in more detail and that I can draw a rough sketch on a separate layer from which I can work. I'm still not done with this one but I wanted to post it at this stage as I quite like the flatness of it. Next, I'll try to render it more and make it more realistic. I'll see what I can do. But, before that, please meet one of my childhood teddys, Snow. :)

Note: I'm actually using bright colours ;)

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