Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Pin-up anyone?

Had some fun doing a couple of pin-ups last week. It reminded me how much I used to love drawing in this style. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

A bundle of Tilly in colour

Using watercolour and parker ink has become so much a part of my nature that delving into chalk pastels has been like a breath of fresh air. It feels good to be using brighter colours of late and to step away from the dark blue, at least for a time. 

A father's day commission

Now that Father's Day has passed, I can show you a little commission. Just to avert any confusion, the top drawing is the final piece even though the one underneath has it's merits.

Because I always enjoying seeing other people's process, here are a few sketches showing part of the evolution for this image.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A sketch of Jack

I know that I have drawn Jack before in the same place but that is because he likes that side of the couch. His foot went a little funny and he kept moving his head... I think he knew I was drawing him and wanted to make it as difficult for me as possible but at least he didn't run away as soon as I was done unlike the little Miss Tilly.

I wonder.... can people tell the difference between the cats through my sketches or does it just look like I keep drawing the same cat? Please let me know, I'm interested in finding out.
Follow the links to other cat sketches:
Cat sketch 1
Cat sketch 2
Cat sketch 3
Cat sketch 4
Cat sketch 5
You should be able to tell which cat is meant to be in the drawing from the blog posts. I am shocked to ssee so many of Jack and so few of Tilly. o.O

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A little bundle of Tilly

Tilly has taken to sleeping on my couch during the daytime... until I drew her... and then she ran off and was replaced by a sleeping Jack next to me. I wonder if he will let me draw him without getting in a fit like the little madam...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Handsome Card Stand

I haven't been up to very much this week other than struggling with a drawing, a little commission. I'll be more than happy to share it with you all once it has been completed. Meanwhile, here's a look at how to create a stand for all those hand made cards laying about when there is no money with which to acquire one. I don't have specific measurements, I simply winged it. I am lucky enough to have two cats that eat too much and parents that buy massive boxed of food for them. The cardboard boxed were perfect for this little project along with a hot glue gun, a craft knife, and some decorating sticky paper.
A secret hidden compartment 
And the final touches. 
The little sign is made out of a piece of card coated in PVA and sand.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hand Made Cards!!!!

I've been making some lovely hand made cards again at last. They will be available to buy in our church soon enough, but anyone wants any and can't reach them then please contact me. I'll be selling them for £2 each plus shipping.

Drawing a cute baby

Had some fun drawing a baby boy today. 
Hopefully there will be many chances in the future to draw him again.