Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July's Collective Challenge

July's Collective Challenge!!!!! (and the process behind it)
Please view the collective blog to see what Merle Hunt and Rachel Rawlings have done thins month.
This is the recipe for my all time favourite home made chocolate (something my mum used to often make for us as kids). It ends up somewhere between real chocolate and fudge. I love it best when it is still warm so I often leave a generous amount on the spoon for myself.
Also to note, chocolate is really difficult to draw… it is yummyer than it looks. Done with dip pens, chocolate coloured ink, and watercolours on Bristol board.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Henry VIII's Exciting Fur Coat

I've been having a great deal of fun today drawing Henry VIII. Forgive me for the funny looking eyes, the rest I am pleased with. The fur was super fun to draw, I only wished there had been more of it. :p

Victorian Outing

I had a little fun yesterday playing with my watercolours and doing a random drawing of a Victorian Lady and her little girl. I wish my grey cat would let me carry her out and about. :P

(Please don't laugh at my shadows... I was being rather indecisive.... )

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Markers can be fun

Playing with markers for a fun little change after remembering that I actually own a set of markers. Sometimes my room feels like a treasure island, you never know what you will find hidden in a corner or behind something. ^-^

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Collective Challenge

The story by Oscar Wilde which I was entrusted to illustrate for June's collective challenge was ‘The Young Kin.’ It is a tale of a teenage king who is dazzled by his beautiful palace and the shiny things in it but through three dreams during the night before his coronation, he chooses to not use his new crown, sceptre, and golden robe because of the deaths and sorrow the items have caused. Instead he goes to his coronation in his goat’s shepherds garb (before he was known to be the heir to the throne, this was his profession). The people are disappointed with him and wish to kill him but in front of the alter he is crowned King by God (given even a robe made of the golden rays of sunshine).
I especially enjoyed drawing the background for this thing. My reference:

I've posted only the final version on the collective, which you should all visit to see more wonderful work from Rachel Rawlings and Merle Hunt. I always enjoy posting the process behind drawings and especially love seeing it from other artists. So here are some of the development behind the piece:

 Thumbnails and stuff
 A first attempt using coloured pencils

Unfinished stage with the colour where I got stuck 4 days before the deadline and how it still is today. I'm still not sure how to proceed from here and if it will ever really be finished. I'll give it a try but for all we know, I might very simply end up ruining it completely (which is why I like to scan my drawings at linework only stage).