Monday, 2 December 2013

Life after University: Finding Your Customer

For those of you who were/are art students, you are familiar with this repeating question: "Who is your targeted audience/customer?"

Sometimes, this is very clear cut and easy to find but sometimes it can be rather complicated. For example, you'd think picture books are solely for children but there you would be mistaken. Firstly, not all picture books are suited for children and secondly, it is generally the parents and grandparents who buy the books anyway. So if you want to create a beautiful picture book, you find yourself having not only to please your intended audience (children, if it is indeed a children's book) but also everyone else along the way including the publishers (if you are going through them). And that's not even mentioning crazy people like me with no kids who buy picture books simply because they love them. (That is not to imply that all lovers of picture books are crazy)

Due to this question being so complicated sometimes, I found it exceedingly irritating as a student. Who was my audience? I didn't have a clue. I was too closed off from the world to be able to find out.
It wasn't until I graduated from University and I actually began talking to people (and they started purchasing my art) that I truly discovered who my customers were.

So if you find yourself being asked this same question and you are having a hard time answering it, start talking to people and asking around, you might find something.

PS: Food for thought, sometimes as you change, your customer also changes.