Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Life After University: For the love of Drawing

Now that I last spoke to you about pricing your art, I'm here to tell you to forget all about it. As artists, we crave the freedom to be creative without having the stress of finances. As newly emerging (and dirt poor/starving) artists, it is easy to be so trapped by the lack of income that it brings to a halt all creative productivity. As far as I have figured it out, there are only two options (other than becoming somehow spontaneously famous and rolling in money) and they are that you can either stop thinking about your income or you can get a part-time 'normal' job and stop thinking about your income.

The reason I mention this is because during this past year's experience of going to comic conventions with David Hooper, many young aspiring artists have come up to us for advice and guidance to help them progress. David is a wonderful person to talk to about comics as he is so knowledgeable and encouraging. The one thing that I am able to bring to the conversation is this: Is drawing in your blood? If you had a full-time job in something unrelated to art, would you still be creating drawings in your spare time? If you had an unfathomable number of rejections from art directors, galleries, publishers, etc, would that stop you from drawing? If you knew you would never make any money from your art, would you quit? If your answer to those questions is that nothing will ever stop you from drawing, then you are already ahead of so many others; you have already reached the essence of it. We draw because we simply can't stop.

Stubbornly continuing to draw not only helps us improve but also increases the chances that people will begin to notice. So whether you are new to drawing or looking for a successful career in art, take comfort in your love of drawing because at the end of the day, your love of it is what really matters. Go out there and create beautiful work.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. It is tough and money worries are not good worries. But I know I have a talent that others would give their right arm to have ... although this would for most be a very short sighted exchange. I will use my talent to the full I watch where it takes me.