Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Life after University: Pricing Your Art

I am currently sitting in a sad little creative block but I have enjoyed a month of looking more seriously at myself as an illustrator with the help of Outset Plymouth and their Business Start-up classes. I mention this because one of the things I've been challenged by is the pricing of my own artwork. I know all too well that I am not the only person who struggles with this and that we often fear the "It's too expensive" comment. There are many factors which determine how much something is worth such as fame, fashion, people's perceptions, and your own belief in your work, etc. So, even though I do not have all the answers, here are two sites selling original artwork which have gained my respect and approval: New Blood Art and Artists & Illustrators.

Here is your challenge: have a look at the displayed artwork and their prices on these sites and gage, if possible, where your artwork would fit amongst them. It is a simple exercise, one which I hope will help some of you fellow artists become more confident about how you price your own work.

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