Diana Mazuru grew up in the dry heat and bitter snows of Romania, the green, wet climate of England and the vastness of America. This multi-cultural backdrop to a childhood spent both scampering outdoors and climbing trees and equally sitting indoors and patiently perfecting her artistic skills has given her a rich and diverse range of experiences from which to draw. Disciplined still life studies at school and constant practice at home through a genuine love of art from a young age plus a basic understanding of engineering have all played a part in informing Diana’s approach to image making. Add to that a sprinkling of fairy dust, a deep and long nurtured interest in historic fashion, movies, baking, any home craft you care to mention and cats and you might find some understanding of the very particular way Diana’s clock ticks. In 2012 she graduated from Plymouth University with a well earned BA (HONS) in Illustration tucked neatly under her arm along with a new-found and much developed talent as an artist. Her strengths as an illustrator firmly lie in her light touch and her drawings from life which have a fluid and effortless ease about them. Her more studied works in pen, ink and watercolour have an atmospheric and fairytale quality to them which hark back to the Golden Age of illustration and such greats as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac. She is now based in Plymouth as a freelance illustrator.

Drawing and blurb by Merle Hunt

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